Travel and transportation
Simplify and streamline your operations, better manage your fixed and moving assets, and get the real-time insight you need to deliver higher value services to your customers with our software for travel, leisure, transportation and logistics services industries.
Ensure asset availability – and safety – with our asset management software for the cargo transportation industry. Leverage immediate asset visibility and powerful predictive features to help manage the entire lifecycle of your assets. Improve cost efficiencies to get the maximum return on your asset investments. Maximize transportation efficiency – and the service value – with transportation software from SAP. Drive improvements across warehousing, fleet management, and logistics services. And profit from a unified platform that provides end-to-end support for your mission-critical operations. Gain a 360-degree view of your customers with our sales, marketing, and service software for the cargo transportation industry. Align business strategy and service products with carrier operations for targeted customer segments. Drive sales with real-time insights. And deliver exceptional service to establish trust and secure future business. Deliver the right products and services at the right time – with our demand forecasting and planning solutions for the travel and hospitality sector. Optimize your resources, determine capacities – and make better decisions about products, services, and price points across customer segments.
Solutions for Travel and Transporation – Rail Cargo

1. Infrastructure Management

Use SAP software for infrastructure management for advanced network modeling and flexible dynamic segmentation capabilities to address the demanding needs of today’s rail network. Our software is a major railway-specific solution, providing a “best-of-breed” operations solution for inspecting and maintaining a railway network.

  • Proactively manage the entire lifecycle of your rail assets
  • Gain a holistic view of asset information across all enterprise areas
  • Manage rolling stock and linear assets across distributed environments and locations

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2. Real Estate and Facilities Management

  • Cost-effectively develop, construct and operate property. Improve the transparency of your real estate portfolio to make better investment decisions
  • Bid and award construction services and better monitor projects and contractors
  • Analyze your real estate portfolio and track investment decisions

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3. Risk Management

  • Mitigate environment, health and safety risks with proactive risk assessments
  • Provide clear safety-related work instructions to employees
  • Support change through reviews, risk mitigation and documentation approval

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Solutions for Cargo & Freight Operations

1. Warehouse Management

  • Improve warehouse efficiency with heightened stock visibility, more accurate planning and smarter distribution and storage processes
  • Manage end-to-end product movements in the warehouse and in the yard
  • Mitigate problems and major issues to improve warehouse efficiencies

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2. Transportation Management and Operations

  • Streamline and automate transportation tendering, execution, tracking and settlement processes for cargo transportation and logistics
  • Deliver reliable, flexible transportation plans that can adapt to changing conditions
  • Integrate financials with your transportation management processes

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3. Advance Customer Settlement

  • Manage customer financials to collect receivables efficiently and keep disputes to a minimum. Simplify invoicing to enhance cash flow and customer care
  • Make pricing model changes in hours and days, not weeks and months
  • Bring partner solutions and reseller partners into multi-sided business models

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Solutions for Strategic Demand Management for Airplanes

1. Business Planning and Consolidation

  • Increase forecast accuracy and shorten planning cycles using a familiar, intuitive user interface. Ensure data is consistent, reliable and up-to-date
  • Model various scenarios and assess potential outcomes – quickly and easily
  • Use standard process flows for more efficient planning

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2. Fuel Management

  • Get a consolidated, real-time view of commodity risk across lines of business. Optimize procurement processes and identify new opportunities for cost savings
  • Gain new efficiencies in commodity risk hedging, hedge accounting and risk policy compliance

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3. Network and Route Performance Management

  • Evaluate the profitability of each route in your network. Leverage performance insights to optimize your network, pricing, marketing and competitive response
  • Collect operational costs and revenue data from SAP and non-SAP applications
  • Efficiently allocate costs and revenue to profitability segments

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